[Lldb-commits] [Diffusion] rL246794: Roll dosep.py parallel test runner into dotest.py command line

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Fri Sep 4 13:31:51 PDT 2015

On Fri, Sep 04, 2015 at 12:44:36PM -0700, Todd Fiala wrote:
> Please try:
> ./dotest.py --output-on-success -v --executable $INSTALLDIR/bin/lldb

Yes, this appears to work.  With this, I'm now back up to my old totals :)

Thank you!!

I'd recommend turning --output-on-success on when -v is used so that the
loss of information doesn't appear as a regression.  That way, dotest.py
-v will always show the same detailed info in both single and
multithreaded modes.

> I couldn't maintain the '-s'
> mapping for the dosep option because it collided with an existing dotest.py
> option for session directory specification.

Understood.  I don't think a short option for --output-on-success is needed   
if -v turns it on.  A short option for --test-subdir would be useful
however.  Looks like these short options are still available: BHIJKLMOQUVWYZjoz.
-z seems as good a choice as any :)

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