[Lldb-commits] [Diffusion] rL246794: Roll dosep.py parallel test runner into dotest.py command line

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Fri Sep 4 12:35:47 PDT 2015

On Fri, Sep 04, 2015 at 06:25:44PM +0000, Todd Fiala wrote:
> tfiala added a comment.
> Dawn, the output supported by the command shouldn't have been changed.  I'll have a peek at what may have caused that to happen.  All this change was trying to do was stop the need to call dosep and roll that behavior into dotest.

Can you add the 'dosep.py -s -o "-v"' behavior to 'dotest.py -v'?  I
think that may be all that's needed in order to show the same output as
before with all the desired details.  Note: before the -s option was
added to dosep.py, 'dosep.py -o "-v"' would only show the info that
'dotest.py -v' shows now (after your change).  Afer the -s option was
added to dosep.py, 'dosep.py -s -o "-v"' would report the same info as
'dotest.py -v' did before your change.  I.e. dosep.py's -s option may be
the key to fixing the regressions in 'dotest.py -v'.

Thanks for looking into this!

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