[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D12416: Parse dotest.py/dosep.py output, providing general stats and skip reason breakdown by counts.

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The new script can be run against output of dotest.py/dosep.py, with the primary benefit of providing a detailed breakdown of the number of test methods that skip for a given reason.

Output looks something like this:

Test Counts
---- ------
success:            637
unexpected success: 14
failure:            1
expected failure:   41
skipped:            681

Skip Reasons
---- -------
requires on of darwin, macosx, ios:                                      520
debugserver tests:                                                       68
skip on linux:                                                           42
dsym tests:                                                              20
benchmarks tests:                                                        13
Skip this long running test:                                             8
requires Darwin:                                                         2
The 'expect' program cannot be located, skip the test:                   1
requires on of windows:                                                  1
skipping because os:None compiler: None None arch: None:                 1
-data-evaluate-expression doesn't work on globals:                       1
MacOSX doesn't have a default thread name:                               1
due to taking too long to complete.:                                     1
This test is only for LLDB.framework built 64-bit and !lldb.test_remote: 1
requires one of x86-64, i386, i686:                                      1

Use a flow like this:
cd {your_lldb_source}/test
python dosep.py -s --options "-q --executable /path/to/lldb -A {your_arch} -C {your_compiler_path}" 2>&1 | tee /tmp/test_output.log
python reports/dotest_stats.py -t /tmp/test_output.log



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