[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D10957: Leave OS as unspecified unknown if it isn't specified in the ELF file

Tamas Berghammer tberghammer at google.com
Mon Jul 6 05:24:34 PDT 2015

tberghammer added reviewers: ovyalov, trixirt.
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Leave OS as unspecified unknown if it isn't specified in the ELF file

This is the redone of rL238623 what was reverted with the refactor in rL239148.



Index: source/Core/ArchSpec.cpp
--- source/Core/ArchSpec.cpp
+++ source/Core/ArchSpec.cpp
@@ -887,20 +887,15 @@
                 else if (arch_type == eArchTypeELF)
-                    llvm::Triple::OSType ostype;
                     switch (os)
-                        case llvm::ELF::ELFOSABI_AIX:      ostype = llvm::Triple::OSType::AIX; break;
-                        case llvm::ELF::ELFOSABI_FREEBSD:  ostype = llvm::Triple::OSType::FreeBSD; break;
-                        case llvm::ELF::ELFOSABI_GNU:      ostype = llvm::Triple::OSType::Linux; break;
-                        case llvm::ELF::ELFOSABI_NETBSD:   ostype = llvm::Triple::OSType::NetBSD; break;
-                        case llvm::ELF::ELFOSABI_OPENBSD:  ostype = llvm::Triple::OSType::OpenBSD; break;
-                        case llvm::ELF::ELFOSABI_SOLARIS:  ostype = llvm::Triple::OSType::Solaris; break;
-                        default:
-                            ostype = llvm::Triple::OSType::UnknownOS;
+                        case llvm::ELF::ELFOSABI_AIX:     m_triple.setOS (llvm::Triple::OSType::AIX);     break;
+                        case llvm::ELF::ELFOSABI_FREEBSD: m_triple.setOS (llvm::Triple::OSType::FreeBSD); break;
+                        case llvm::ELF::ELFOSABI_GNU:     m_triple.setOS (llvm::Triple::OSType::Linux);   break;
+                        case llvm::ELF::ELFOSABI_NETBSD:  m_triple.setOS (llvm::Triple::OSType::NetBSD);  break;
+                        case llvm::ELF::ELFOSABI_OPENBSD: m_triple.setOS (llvm::Triple::OSType::OpenBSD); break;
+                        case llvm::ELF::ELFOSABI_SOLARIS: m_triple.setOS (llvm::Triple::OSType::Solaris); break;
-                    m_triple.setOS (ostype);
-                    m_triple.setVendor (llvm::Triple::UnknownVendor);
                 // Fall back onto setting the machine type if the arch by name failed...
                 if (m_triple.getArch () == llvm::Triple::UnknownArch)

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