[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Add a missing null pointer check in CommandObjectThread.cpp.

Stephane Sezer sas at cd80.net
Mon Mar 23 12:29:22 PDT 2015

This is a patch that I've been keeping in my branches for a while. I
hit a null pointer dereference there. Looks like Ed had the same
issue. I'll move the check to the beginning of the function as you
suggested though.

On Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 12:01 PM, Jim Ingham <jingham at apple.com> wrote:
> How do you get a thread that has NO frame 0?  That seems weird, we always have a register context to make frame 0...
> Anyway, if you're going to do this, add it to the "thread == NULL" checks earlier on in the function so we can get out of the command with an appropriate error message. If we don't have a frame 0 we probably don't have registers so I'm not really sure how we're going to do any kind of stepping...
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Stephane Sezer

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