[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] RFC: Proposed change in the disassembly default format in lldb

Jason Molenda jmolenda at apple.com
Thu Feb 12 01:02:26 PST 2015

Actually, on the bike ride home I realized that one of your concerns is justified:  There is no formatter for the comment field in the disassembly output.  A lot of different things can appear here -- this could be an address to an instruction in the current function, in a different function, in a segment of memory with no symbol at all, and there are a bunch of special behaviors like if it's the address of const data string, lldb prints the string.  And I mentioned earlier, lldb has assembler hints it can output and we've got a low-priority ToDo to expose those hints to the user -- in the comment field too.

This is a drag - my patch, as it is written today, is going to write branch instructions inside the current function as <+36> regardless of any format setting. :/




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