[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Fix problem where 32-bit statically built lldb-platform cannot find lldb-gdbserver.

Oleksiy Vyalov ovyalov at google.com
Mon Feb 9 14:50:04 PST 2015

Please see my comments.

Comment at: source/Host/linux/HostInfoLinux.cpp:228
@@ +227,3 @@
+    HostInfoPosix::ComputeSharedLibraryDirectory(file_spec);
+    if (!file_spec.GetDirectory())
Could you check return value of HostInfoPosix::ComputeSharedLibraryDirectory?
You may return true immediately if  HostInfoPosix::ComputeSharedLibraryDirectory return true and fall back to GetProgramFileSpec().GetDirectory().

Comment at: source/Plugins/Platform/gdb-server/PlatformRemoteGDBServer.cpp:222
@@ -223,1 +221,3 @@
+    else if (idx == 1 &&
+            remote_arch.GetTriple().isOSLinux() &&
Do we need this condition only for remote debugging of Linux target? Or is it required for local LLGS debugging as well?
I'm wondering whether an alternative solution is appropriate - override HostInfoLinux::GetArchitecture(..) and put  this condition in there. In this case it will be supported either with local or remote debugging, with and without LLGS. 

Comment at: source/Plugins/Process/Utility/RegisterContextLinux_i386.cpp:114
@@ -113,3 +113,3 @@
         case llvm::Triple::x86:            
             return g_register_infos_i386;
case llvm::Triple::x86: 
case llvm::Triple::x86_64:
    return g_register_infos_i386;




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