[Lldb-commits] How can I do commits or who will look at my proposed patches?

Mattias Hogstrom mhogstrom at emailgroups.net
Tue Sep 23 03:11:50 PDT 2014

I apologise for mailing the whole list but I don't know who I can talk
I didn't find any person which is the main responsible for the LLDB

I would like to get involved in some LLVM or preferably some LLDB
I took a look at 

and found an issue with the test code, which I corrected.
Some FAQ says that people that is granted the contributor access just
commits the patch.
The rest has to send it to the mailing list for commits.
But I also found that it is possible to add patch attachments in the
Which I did.
But now what?? No one has commented on it.
Probably because I didn't change the status of the case properly.
And I am unsure how to do that too.... :)

I tried getting in touch with someone in LLDB on IRC, but with no luck.


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