[Lldb-commits] Review request on Darwin side of change

Todd Fiala tfiala at google.com
Thu Aug 28 07:40:27 PDT 2014

Hey Greg and Jim,

Can I get somebody on the Apple side to review the Darwin side of this


He's refactored some of the arm64 code in the Darwin register context to
use a common header that he's also referencing on the Linux register
context work.  Since I recall hearing darwin and Linux handle some arm
registers slightly differently (at least in the Thumb case), I want to make
sure the sharing doesn't introduce bugs in that area.

I'll be testing the  D4580 change in a minute here when I'm done with
D4381.  If I have to do heavy rebasing, I'll post the updated patch here.
 (It's from a while back now).


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