[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] Initial support for building debugserver with cmake (on Mac OS X)

Mark Lacey mark.lacey at apple.com
Thu Oct 3 13:58:50 PDT 2013

On Aug 9, 2013, at 9:09 AM, Malea, Daniel <daniel.malea at intel.com> wrote:

> Thanks for the comments Jason; I will leave libdebugserver.cpp in then.

Hi Daniel,

I tried building lldb/debugserver with cmake and there appears to be a problem with the resulting debugserver. I’m not sure exactly what the issue is, and whether it’s a signing issue or something else, but although the build appears to complete successfully, lldb is unable to spawn the resulting debugserver.

My Xcode build works without error. Have you actually been able to get lldb and debugserver built with cmake and running successfully on Mac OS X? 


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