[PATCH] D55427: [libcxx] Call __count_bool_true for bitset count

Renato Golin via Phabricator reviews at reviews.llvm.org
Fri Dec 14 03:16:08 PST 2018

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Getting a bit late in this discussion, as we had an internal one just recently.

The change to remove always_inline in a number of libc++ template functions is a good one, especially when the inliner can guess and does a good job already.

In this case, however, because the type is a reference, the inliner would require a lot more effort to inspect the uses (and side-effects).

Improving the inliner here would be a huge hammer, probably increasing compile time for all codes for the minimal benefit of this very special case.

Then perhaps, it would be beneficial and pragmatic, to revert that removal in this special case.

Makes sense?




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