[PATCH] D55427: [libcxx] Use specialized helper for __bit_reference count

Adhemerval Zanella via Phabricator reviews at reviews.llvm.org
Fri Dec 7 05:08:48 PST 2018

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This patch aims to help clang with better information so it can inline
__bit_reference count function usage, for both std::vector<bool> and
bitset.  Current clang inliner can not infer that the passed typed
will be used only to select the optimized variant, it evaluates the
type argument and type check as a load plus compare (although later
optimization phases correctly optimized this out).

  rCXX libc++



Index: include/__bit_reference
--- include/__bit_reference
+++ include/__bit_reference
@@ -303,13 +303,33 @@
 template <class _Cp, bool _IsConst, class _Tp>
+struct __count_helper
+    typename __bit_iterator<_Cp, _IsConst>::difference_type
+    static inline _LIBCPP_INLINE_VISIBILITY
+    __count(__bit_iterator<_Cp, _IsConst> __first, typename _Cp::size_type __n)
+    {
+        return __count_bool_false(__first, __n);
+    }
+template <class _Cp, bool _IsConst>
+struct __count_helper<_Cp, _IsConst, bool>
+    typename __bit_iterator<_Cp, _IsConst>::difference_type
+    static inline _LIBCPP_INLINE_VISIBILITY
+    __count(__bit_iterator<_Cp, _IsConst> __first, typename _Cp::size_type __n)
+    {
+        return __count_bool_true(__first, __n);
+    }
+template <class _Cp, bool _IsConst, class _Tp>
 typename __bit_iterator<_Cp, _IsConst>::difference_type
-count(__bit_iterator<_Cp, _IsConst> __first, __bit_iterator<_Cp, _IsConst> __last, const _Tp& __value_)
+count(__bit_iterator<_Cp, _IsConst> __first, __bit_iterator<_Cp, _IsConst> __last, const _Tp&)
-    if (static_cast<bool>(__value_))
-        return __count_bool_true(__first, static_cast<typename _Cp::size_type>(__last - __first));
-    return __count_bool_false(__first, static_cast<typename _Cp::size_type>(__last - __first));
+    return __count_helper<_Cp, _IsConst, _Tp>::__count(__first, static_cast<typename _Cp::size_type>(__last - __first));
 // fill_n

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