[cfe-users] HELP!The clang crashed and I don't know why

白い 騎士 via cfe-users cfe-users at lists.llvm.org
Sun Jan 14 23:24:21 PST 2018

0x01CBA6DB (0x08F33708 0x08F1F4C4 0x08F33710 0x096FDB38)                                    
0x01CBC8E2 (0x08F1F4C4 0x09A5A2C8 0x00000000 0x08BA9EE0)                                                                
0x01C5DB42 (0x08BA9EE0 0x09A5A2C8 0x09A5A2C8 0x08F456E0)                                                                
0x01C61833 (0x19D790E8 0x0374E8AC 0x017DD30A 0x09D790E8)                                                                
0x013B5462 (0x09D790E8 0x00000000 0x0374E900 0x01892F9D)                                                                
0x017DD30A (0x08BA9EE0 0x00000001 0x01153008 0x08BA9EE0)                                                                
0x01892F9D (0x08BA9EE0 0x08F456D0 0x011530AC 0x00000000)                                                                
0x0189306A (0x01153030 0x00000000 0x011A23D0 0x0374EA01)                                                                
0x018931F1 (0x01153030 0x01153008 0x01153008 0x0374EA18)                                                                
0x01892C3D (0x01153030 0x01130B80 0x01147488 0x0114C288)                                                                
0x01D1C601 (0x00000005 0x01147488 0x01130B80 0x02CE4B69)                                                                
0x01D1C6A3 (0x0114C288 0x01142DD0 0x01130B80 0x01131A10)                                                                
0x01D11C21 (0x01139330 0x0112B9F8 0x02D08AB8 0x01BC8FF3)                                                                
0x01BE38EF (0x01139330 0x01138648 0x0112B9F8 0x0112B9F8)                                                                
0x01C14B03 (0x0112B9F8 0x0374F860 0x0114C711 0x0374F7B4)                                                                
0x012E1B57 (0x0374F7BC 0x00000029 0x0114C6D8 0x012DE690)                                                                
0x012DE44B (0x0374F7B4 0x0000002B 0x0114C710 0x00000000)                                                                
0x012E09F0 (0x0000002B 0x011421F8 0x01137420 0xC45CA5CF)                                                                
0x02599B81 (0x00F15000 0x770162A0 0x6F295D38 0x0374FCF4)                                                                
0x770162C4 (0x00F15000 0x9E499336 0x00000000 0x00000000), BaseThreadInitThunk() + 0x24 bytes(s)                         
0x77ED0609 (0xFFFFFFFF 0x77EF2522 0x00000000 0x00000000), RtlSubscribeWnfStateChangeNotification() + 0x439 bytes(s)     
0x77ED05D4 (0x02599BE9 0x00F15000 0x00000000 0x00000000), RtlSubscribeWnfStateChangeNotification() + 0x404 bytes(s)     clang++.exe: error: clang frontend command failed due to signal (use -v to see invocation)                              
clang version 3.7.0 (trunk)                                                                                             
Target: i686-pc-windows-msvc                                                                                            
Thread model: posix                                                                                                     
clang++.exe: note: diagnostic msg: PLEASE submit a bug report to http://llvm.org/bugs/ and include the crash backtrace, preprocessed source, and associated run script.                                                                         
clang++.exe: note: diagnostic msg: Error generating preprocessed source(s) - no preprocessable inputs.
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