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I'm not sure I can offer much direct help, but I think it may help if you
explain more precisely what it is you're struggling with?
- Do you (not) understand the overall concept of how (modern) compilers
- Do you have some experience in working with tree-data structures in
general? And specifically non-uniform trees (nodes have many different
types of nodes in AST)

None of the above are entirely trivial, and it will take some effort to
learn these things.

If you have a specific task in mind, perhaps describing what you have done
so far (in form of code or words, whichever you think is the best way to
describe it), and a more precise description of what you're struggling with.

I've not done much work on Clang AST myself, I've built my own compiler
generating code through LLVM - my compiler has it's own form of AST nodes.
I found the Kaleidoscope example good for learning "how to build your own

If you haven't done so yet, and you have enough time to spend a few weeks
on [probably full time days], I would definitely recommend starting to
write your own compiler on top of LLVM - use (a subset of) an existing
compiled language that you already know at least reasonably well, and start
with the very basics - even building a trivial programmable calculator
would be a learning experience if you haven't done that before.

Good luck.


On 8 August 2018 at 18:59, Praveen Velliengiri via cfe-dev <
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> Hello all,
> I'm new to compilers and LLVM technologies, I find LLVM and related tools
> fascinating. Initially, I started to understand and work on Clang AST. As a
> beginner, I find it difficult to understand the docs, source code for clang
> AST. Could anyone please guide or help me to get started and work with
> clang AST? More specifically I'm looking for the Prerequisites to
> understand clang AST, some beginner level open source projects which use
> clang AST, some blogs or articles. I would also appreciate if you guys
> share your experience in understanding clang and it's related tooling and
> about your work-flow, it will be a great help for me :)
> In short, "What advice you will give to a student, to understand and work
> with Clang and it's related projects"?
> Thank you very much
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