[cfe-users] How to get more useful chain of reasoning from scan-build?

Rainer Gerhards rgerhards at hq.adiscon.com
Mon Jul 6 00:24:17 PDT 2015

You can get that with scan-view. Look at the last few lines of your
build, it should tell you the exact command to use (at least mine
does). I hope I am not overlooking something as I am myself fairly new
to clang ... but really like it.


2015-07-04 17:52 GMT+02:00 Richard <legalize at xmission.com>:
> Many times when I run scan-build on my code, it reports out something like:
> assimp/code/BoostWorkaround/boost/shared_ptr.hpp:135:13: warning: Called C++ object pointer is null
>                 ctr = ptr?r.ctr->incref():NULL;
>                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> (see <https://travis-ci.org/LegalizeAdulthood/assimp/jobs/69545097>)
> But when I look at my code, I don't understand why this could be the case.
> If scan-build would tell me the line of reasoning that led to this conclusion,
> then I would understand the problem better.  I've tried adding additional -v
> arguments to my scan-build invocation, but that just seems to give me a ton
> of debug spew and doesn't help me understand the problem any better.
> If you're familiar with the output of Coverity, it gives a very specific line
> of reasoning for each problem reported, allowing you to understand exactly
> how the problem might occur.
> How can I get something similar from scan-build?
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