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Simply put, Does Clang support multiple PCH's? How can this be taken advantage of? I have been doing some research regarding the use of Multiple PCH files when building a Pre-compiled header. I was hoping to get some clarification with regards to this issue. Imagine a scenario where I want to build a Specific PCH for a specific Scenario. For example one PCH could be specific to a number of functions, and the other would address specific features attributed to a specific characteristic of an item.
This particular statement caught my attention in one of the discussion boards  (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=347592):
> Clang does support multiple PCH's per cpp file (the dependency graph can be
> either a list or a DAG).  Given that the vast majority of developers are on
> Linux or Mac, I'd be quite happy with a solution which required clang.
I would appreciate some clarification on this topic. Thanks a lot in advance.

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