[cfe-users] Controlling generation of coverage symbols

Artur Szostak aszostak at partner.eso.org
Mon Oct 27 00:57:44 PDT 2014

>> Is there any way to control how the symbols related to code coverage such as _llvm_gcov_init are created?
>> Specifically can they be disabled? or forced? or made to be public/exported?
> Disabling code coverage will disable creation of these symbols. Beyond that, we don't offer fine grained control
> over them. Why do you ask?

Thanks you for the information.
Just one additional question, am I correct to understand that the code for _llvm_gcov_init is implicitly injected into the binary? The reason I ask is there are some posts floating around online talking about linking against libprofile_rt.a. But I suspect this is not relevant.

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