[cfe-users] -Wdocumentation and @param ...

John Steele Scott toojays at toojays.net
Sun Oct 6 21:53:44 PDT 2013

What is the correct way to write Doxygen for functions with a variable number of arguments so that Clang will not complain?

e.g. I have something like:

 * Print a format string.
 * @param[in] format   Printf style format.
 * @param[in] ...      Printf style variable arguments.

void print (const char *format, ...);

But Clang does not like "..." as an @param:

(centos-5)jscott at saaz:/tmp$ clang -Wdocumentation -c foo.cpp 
foo.cpp:5:15: warning: parameter '...' not found in the function declaration [-Wdocumentation]
 * @param[in] ...      Printf style variable arguments.
1 warning generated.

This rather diminishes the utility of this warning for me. What's the best way to fix that?

I'm using Clang 3.3rc2.



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