[cfe-users] Address Sanitizer SEGV

pedro pinto pedro.e.pinto at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 15:01:40 PST 2013

Hi there,

I just started running address sanitize AddressSanitizer and I received a
report that I am having trouble parsing:

==23580==ERROR: AddressSanitizer: SEGV on unknown address 0x000000000000
(pc 0x2b3f29713a90 sp 0x2b3f3b526450 bp 0x2b3f3b526ca0 T38)
AddressSanitizer can not provide additional info.
    #0 0x2b3f29713a8f in __sanitizer::StackTrace::FastUnwindStack(unsigned
long, unsigned long, unsigned long, unsigned long) ??:?
    #1 0x2b3f29704dac in free ??:?
    #2 0x2b3f3118f8ac in __pthread_attr_destroy
    #3 0x2b3f29711917 in __sanitizer::GetThreadStackTopAndBottom(bool,
unsigned long*, unsigned long*) ??:?
    #4 0x2b3f29711d8d in __sanitizer::GetThreadStackAndTls(bool, unsigned
long*, unsigned long*, unsigned long*, unsigned long*) ??:?
    #5 0x2b3f2970b72d in __asan::AsanThread::Init() ??:?
    #6 0x2b3f2970b98f in __asan::AsanThread::ThreadStart(unsigned long) ??:?
    #7 0x2b3f3118df6d in start_thread
    #8 0x2b3f320c79cc in clone
Thread T38 created by T0 here:
    #0 0x2b3f296fa7eb in __interceptor_pthread_create ??:?
    #1 0x2b3f301edd67 in tbb::internal::tbb_thread_v3::internal_start(void*
(*)(void*), void*)


Seems like the top of the stack was within Address Sanitizer itself, does
this indicate a bug in sanitizer or am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance,

$ clang --version
Ubuntu clang version 3.4-1ubuntu1 (trunk) (based on LLVM 3.4)
Target: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
Thread model: posix
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