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> As part of the migration of LLVM's source code to github, we need to update
> our developer policy with instructions about how to interact with the new
> git
> repository.  There are a lot of different topics we will need to discuss,
> but
> I would like to start by initiating a discussion about our merge commit
> policy.  Should we:
> 1. Disallow merge commits and enforce a linear history by requiring a
>    rebase before push.
I agree that this should be considered the status quo. The other options
need compelling benefits to justify a change.

> 2. Allow merge commits.
For the purposes of the canonical version of the project, I believe that
history of side-branches (the main value of merge commits for me) is not of
great interest.

> 3. Require merge commits and disallow rebase before push.
I do not believe #3 is enforceable (the disallow rebase part) unless if you
meant to just remove the option from the GitHub UI interface.
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