[cfe-dev] Using the AddressSanitizer under Windows

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Hello Stephen,

Adding the libraries:

fixed my problem! Thank you! But now I have to use the "clang_rt.asan_dynamic-x86_64.dll" - is there a way to use static libraries rather than the DLL?

Kind greetings

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On 24/01/2019 07:13, Gaier, Bjoern via cfe-dev wrote:
> Because I'm on a Windows7 x64 machine I then linked
> "clang_rt.asan-x86_64.lib" to my project.

I recently started to try to use asan on Windows too.

You need to use different asan libraries depending on whether which windows runtime you use etc. You can see which ones clang uses under which flags if you run it with `-v`.

I pasted some cmake code to use asan here:




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