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In the LLVM project process, "accepting" a patch means the reviewers have approved it. However, it is still up to you, the patch author, to commit it into the project sources. We don't have an automated pull-request kind of process.

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Some time ago I've posted a patch and it has been accepted: https://reviews.llvm.org/D50766.
It fixes one of C++17's unsequenced warnings. Now, I finally have some time to work on the rest of p0145's warnings (and a couple more). To work on a new patch, I'd like to reuse function that has been implemented in the D50766. How can I achieve that, without just copying it into the new patch?

I mean, the main question is: what's the status of D50766? I can see that it has been accepted on
Phabricator, but I can't find its code on the master branch.

Thanks in advance,
Mateusz Janek
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