[cfe-dev] Clang to find its own headers

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Thu Jan 10 06:44:58 PST 2019

It might be true. clang.exe resides in


whereas the includes are in


so the way to reach them is ../../lib/clang/<version>/include

Can I change this with configuring Clang? I don’t see any CMake param to LLVM that would controll this. Is this hardcoded? Where must I patch it?

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Tárgy: Re: Clang to find its own headers

On 2019-01-10 11:27, Máté Ferenc Nagy-Egri via cfe-dev wrote: 

> Hi! 
> Forgive my noobish question, I’m new to actually touching the Clang/LLVM 
> codebase. 
> Where is it coded how Clang finds its own headers from under 
> ’lib/clang/7.0.0/include’? I’m helping with the packaging of LLVM on 
> Windows for Vcpkg and the resulting Clang install doesn’t work, it fails 
> to finds its own headers. Are Clang installs relocatable? Vcpkg builds 
> packages out of source into a staging directory. If both Debug and 
> Release builds go fine, it does a few extra checks and copies the result 
> of the ’install’ target which went to the staging dir to its final 
> location. I don’t know if this workflow causes the problem or the layout 
> is different than what Clang would expect. 

On Posix Clang expects the internal include files to be present relative 
to the binary: ../lib/clang/<version>/include. Where "<version>" is the 
version of Clang. Not sure if the same is true on Windows. 

/Jacob Carlborg 

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