[cfe-dev] How to force Clang static checker to check the code that will not be executed in some situations???

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Thu Jan 3 19:18:19 PST 2019

scan build will only follow your build command to preprocess your code and
check the bugs in the preprocessed code.
If you want to scan the code with STATS defined, you need to tell the
compile process to define STATS while compiling.

The STATS variable can either be defined to a specific value or not
defined, only one version is available in one scan, but you can scan it
again with different values.

Our team had researched this problem before, if there are a lot of macro
switches, you can use combinatorial test technique to help you.
Here is our previous research on using combinatorial test technique to
cover multiple macro switches values:
(I am not one of the authors, as I was not the member of our team at that
time. But you can still contact me or the last two authors (my boss) if you
are interested in the method.)😝

The tool used in our research, Canalyze, is a private fork of CSA with our
optimizations. The similar method can also be used on scan build.
As it is the strategy not the tool that matters.
I am not familiar with KLEE, but as far as I know about KLEE, the similar
method can also be utilized on it.

Hope our research will be useful to you.


changze cui via cfe-dev <cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org> 于2019εΉ΄1月3ζ—₯周四 δΈ‹εˆ6:27ε†™ι“οΌš

> Hi all,
>    Recently, I am using Clang static checker to find buffer overflow
> related bugs. There is one case that the buggy code will be executed only
> if STATS is defined  (#ifdef STATS). I hope my checker can find all the
> bugs in a program even in the cases that the code will not be executed for
> now. Do you have any idea how can I achieve this?
>    The following is a part of the buggy code. Since "STATS" is not
> defined, variable a and ns will be NULL. Thus, some code will not be
> checked by Clang and the checker will miss one bug.
>    I put the full code as the attached file. Let me know if you have any
> solution. Thanks in advance!!
> Regards,
> Chaz
> static void nslookupComplain(sysloginfo, queryname, complaint, dname,
> a_rr, nsdp)
> const char *sysloginfo, *queryname, *complaint, *dname;
> const struct databuf *a_rr, *nsdp;
> {
> #ifdef STATS
> char nsbuf[20];
> char abuf[20];
> #endif
>   char *a, *ns;
>   if (sysloginfo && queryname)
>    {
>    char buf[999];
>     a = ns = (char *)NULL;
> #ifdef STATS
> /* this part will not be executed because STATS is not defined */
> /* so a and ns will be equal to NULL */
>     if (nsdp) {
>      /* assign value to a and ns */
>     }
> #endif
>     if ( a != NULL || ns != NULL)
>      {
> /* the code here will not be checked by Clang because a and ns are equal
> to NULL */
>      /*This line is a buggy point, but it cannot be found by Clang static
> checker now*/
>      sprintf(buf, "%s: query(%s) %s (%s:%s) learnt (A=%s:NS=%s)",
>        sysloginfo, queryname,
>        complaint, dname,
>        inet_ntoa(data_inaddr(a_rr->d_data)),
>        a ? a : "<Not Available>",
>        ns ? ns : "<Not Available>" );
>      }
>     else{
>      /*This is another buggy point, can be found by Clang static checker*/
>      sprintf(buf, "%s: query(%s) %s (%s:%s)",
>        sysloginfo, queryname,
>        complaint, dname,
>        inet_ntoa(data_inaddr(a_rr->d_data)));
>      }
>    }
> }
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