[cfe-dev] Clang-Cl and Coroutines

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Wed Jan 2 04:38:25 PST 2019

Hey Clang-Team,

I'm a big fan of the Clang-cl compiler and its integration into VisualStudio2017 - I use it for private projects and even try to establish the compiler in my company.

Today I tried diving into Coroutines - a C++20 feature if I'm not mistaken. I followed a simple tutorial and created a source file, which I will attach to this mail.
Compiling this file with Clang-cl leads to a linker error: "unresolved external symbol _coro_destroy"

For me _coro_destoy seems to be the intrinsic for "__builtin_coro_destory" so I made a define statement to replace _coro_destory with the builtin function from Clang. That compiles! But calling the function will lead to a crash...

So I decided to go another way, I used the define statement to replace _coro_destory with an external function "_coro_destory2" - I generated an object file with that function, simply calling the _coro_destory intrinsic inside - compiled with MSVC2017. Sadly... this crashes as well...

When I compile the code with the VisualStudio compiler, then it works.

Long story short: can't I use Coroutines in Clang-cl? Or in a Visual Studio project with Clan-cl?

Kind greetings
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