[cfe-dev] Introducing Python Bindings for LibTooling

Firat Kasmis via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Apr 25 08:52:33 PDT 2019


I am working on python bindings for LibTooling right now - see
https://github.com/firolino/python-clang-tooling. So, one can use pretty
things such as


in python as well.

I am almost finished. Just a few things are left:
    - Include all narrowing and traverse AST matchers
    - Fix CMakeLists.txt for other python versions
    - Transform clang AST matcher unit tests to python version and use it
    - Provide pip packages
    - Provide Rewriter
    - Clean the code

Unfortunately, the resulting python module is already 190 MB big. Since
most of the matcher stuff are templates, I need to instantiate everything
in any possible combination to make them exposable to python. If you have
suggestions or improvements regarding the bindings, please let me know.
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