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Wed Apr 17 00:21:27 PDT 2019

Bruno, thanks!

I found that only way to clone decl is to follow ASTParser and ASTReader workflow. And this is definitely non-trivial task to do. Here is some draft snipped, but I found way not to do it though...


Stepan Dyatkovskiy

12.04.2019, 16:47, "Bruno Ricci" <riccibrun at gmail.com>:
> On 12/04/2019 13:07, via cfe-dev wrote:
>>  Hi! Is here any legal way to clone Decl instance?
> As far as I know, not really. The issue here is that the cloned Decl node will not
> be present in the AST. Inserting it is not trivial since the invariants of the AST
> have to be preserved.
> Also note that some declaration/statement nodes have trailing objects, and therefore
> some kind of "clone" function would have to be provided. For some reason the copy/move
> ctors/operators of Decl and Stmt are not deleted, but trying to just copy them is
> going to fail badly. (fixed in D60123 for Stmt).
> Bruno
>>  Thanks!
>>  Stepan Dyatkovskiy
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