[cfe-dev] cc1 problems when loading multiple AST files

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Mon Apr 15 19:41:56 PDT 2019


I probably won't be able to help with the crash.

Generally, the trivial way to obtain a Static Analyzer invocation from a 
compilation database (assuming the project is already compiled with 
clang) is to append `--analyze` to it. Then you can convert it to a cc1 
run-line via `-###`. Clang, on its own, doesn't know how to read 
compilation databases; it's supposed to work the other way round.

You also cannot construct a single cc1 run-line that would conduct 
cross-translation-unit analysis. CTU is, by definition, a collaborative 
effort of multiple clang instances; in order to analyze a single file, 
you'll need the *whole* compilation database. That said, if you already 
have precompiled ASTs and function map files, you should be able to 
invoke clang -cc1 on a single file just by passing the correct ctu_dir; 
it should be enough to reproduce the crash or to debug it.

I think right now the "official" (in-tree, but still mostly 
unmaintained) way of invoking CTU is via scan-build-py, which is an 
effort to rewrite scan-build in python. It also happily consumes 
compilation databases. On the other hand, CTU developers mostly target 
the out-of-tree Ericsson CodeChecker tool for this purpose.

Hope this slightly helps.

On 4/14/19 8:23 PM, Ella Oikawa via cfe-dev wrote:
> Hi,
> The scene of my usage is I want to analyze multiple source code files 
> with CSA and CTU enabled. Since it will report a header file not found 
> error when using `clang -cc1` to analyze source code files (*.cpp), I 
> turn to AST files for simplicity.
> Here is the bug. If I only analyze a single AST file, it works fine. 
> However, when I append multiple AST files for analysis, it crashes all 
> the time. It has been reproduced both on my fedora-29 desktop and 
> ubuntu-18.04 server with the code from git commit e03301a3b32.
> The code I use to trigger this bug is provided in the attachments. See 
> core dump file (./coredump) for more details. According to the stack 
> trace, I think the bug is not in CSA and CTU.
> **Besides, could you please tell me how to make cc1 to parse AST with 
> the compile commands provided in the compile_commands.json file? Or 
> make clang-check enable CTU IPA? I did not find any code to enable CTU 
> IPA in clang-check, and if it is useful to others, I would like to 
> share my customized clang-check.**
> Regards,
> Ella
> P.S. I do not know whether it is allowed to ask a question together 
> with a bug report here. Sorry for annoying you.
> ---
> $ clang --version
> clang version 9.0.0 (https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project.git 
> e03301a3b32d048d8975e0fe21d80489505415c8)
> Target: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
> Thread model: posix
> InstalledDir: /home/ella/workspace/llvm-project/build/bin
> clang: 
> /home/ella/workspace/llvm-project/clang/include/clang/Basic/Diagnostic.h:528: 
> void 
> clang::DiagnosticsEngine::setSourceManager(clang::SourceManager*): 
> Assertion `DiagStatesByLoc.empty() && "Leftover diag state from a 
> different SourceManager."' failed.
> Stack dump:
> 0.Program arguments: ../bin/clang -cc1 -analyze 
> -analyzer-checker=core,debug.ExprInspection -o reports/ 
> home/ella/workspace/llvm-project/build/analyzer-test/src/getzero.cpp.ast 
> home/ella/workspace/llvm-project/build/analyzer-test/src/test.cpp.ast
>  #0 0x000000000457075a llvm::sys::PrintStackTrace(llvm::raw_ostream&) 
> /home/ella/workspace/llvm-project/llvm/lib/Support/Unix/Signals.inc:494:22
>  #1 0x00000000045707ed PrintStackTraceSignalHandler(void*) 
> /home/ella/workspace/llvm-project/llvm/lib/Support/Unix/Signals.inc:558:1
>  #2 0x000000000456eabf llvm::sys::RunSignalHandlers() 
> /home/ella/workspace/llvm-project/llvm/lib/Support/Signals.cpp:68:20
>  #3 0x0000000004570250 SignalHandler(int) 
> /home/ella/workspace/llvm-project/llvm/lib/Support/Unix/Signals.inc:357:1
>  #4 0x00007f52db212070 __restore_rt (/lib64/libpthread.so.0+0x13070)
>  #5 0x00007f52d94ec57f __GI_raise (/lib64/libc.so.6+0x3857f)
>  #6 0x00007f52d94d6895 __GI_abort (/lib64/libc.so.6+0x22895)
>  #7 0x00007f52d94d6769 _nl_load_domain.cold.0 (/lib64/libc.so.6+0x22769)
>  #8 0x00007f52d94e4a26 (/lib64/libc.so.6+0x30a26)
>  #9 0x000000000476fa4b 
> clang::DiagnosticsEngine::setSourceManager(clang::SourceManager*) 
> /home/ella/workspace/llvm-project/clang/include/clang/Basic/Diagnostic.h:527:5
> #10 0x0000000004768d72 
> clang::SourceManager::SourceManager(clang::DiagnosticsEngine&, 
> clang::FileManager&, bool) 
> /home/ella/workspace/llvm-project/clang/lib/Basic/SourceManager.cpp:319:1
> #11 0x0000000004fba66c 
> clang::ASTUnit::LoadFromASTFile(std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, 
> std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&, 
> clang::PCHContainerReader const&, clang::ASTUnit::WhatToLoad, 
> llvm::IntrusiveRefCntPtr<clang::DiagnosticsEngine>, 
> clang::FileSystemOptions const&, bool, bool, 
> llvm::ArrayRef<std::pair<std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, 
> std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >, llvm::MemoryBuffer*> 
> >, bool, bool, bool) 
> /home/ella/workspace/llvm-project/clang/lib/Frontend/ASTUnit.cpp:760:58
> #12 0x0000000004eb1850 
> clang::FrontendAction::BeginSourceFile(clang::CompilerInstance&, 
> clang::FrontendInputFile const&) 
> /home/ella/workspace/llvm-project/clang/lib/Frontend/FrontendAction.cpp:632:69
> #13 0x0000000004e5576f 
> clang::CompilerInstance::ExecuteAction(clang::FrontendAction&) 
> /home/ella/workspace/llvm-project/clang/lib/Frontend/CompilerInstance.cpp:949:5
> #14 0x0000000004ff5b4b 
> clang::ExecuteCompilerInvocation(clang::CompilerInstance*) 
> /home/ella/workspace/llvm-project/clang/lib/FrontendTool/ExecuteCompilerInvocation.cpp:271:38
> #15 0x000000000221e5d9 cc1_main(llvm::ArrayRef<char const*>, char 
> const*, void*) 
> /home/ella/workspace/llvm-project/clang/tools/driver/cc1_main.cpp:225:40
> #16 0x0000000002214598 ExecuteCC1Tool(llvm::ArrayRef<char const*>, 
> llvm::StringRef) 
> /home/ella/workspace/llvm-project/clang/tools/driver/driver.cpp:309:64
> #17 0x0000000002214bea main 
> /home/ella/workspace/llvm-project/clang/tools/driver/driver.cpp:381:26
> #18 0x00007f52d94d8413 __libc_start_main (/lib64/libc.so.6+0x24413)
> #19 0x0000000002212f3e _start (../bin/clang+0x2212f3e)
> [1]    32214 abort (core dumped)  ../bin/clang -cc1 -analyze 
> -analyzer-checker=core,debug.ExprInspection -o
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