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> On 09/04/2019 00:32, Tom Stellard via cfe-dev wrote:
> > As a backup plan, I am going to look into implementing option #1, but
> instead
> > of having git-llvm create a pull request, it would push first to a
> staging
> > branch and then push to master if a 'no-merge commit' status checks
> pass.  This
> > is essentially the same flow as using pull requests, but without all the
> > pull request noise.
> I don't think that you can enforce this policy on the server side.  You
> could; however, make git-llvm create a pull request and, if the relevant
> checks pass, automatically use the GitHub APIs to do a rebase and merge.

I believe you can with:

I don't even think you need to push a branch for this*, the git-llvm script
should be able to perform the required check locally, then issue a REST
call and push to master.


* on another note, I hope we will *disallow* user branches on the main repo
in favor of forks.
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