[cfe-dev] [GSOC 2019] Apply the Clang Static Analyzer to LLVM-based Projects

Edward Hui via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Apr 4 13:07:34 PDT 2019

Hi community,

I am Edward, an Information Engineering student from Hong Kong, I am
finishing my proposal for the Clang Static Analyzer improvements for GSOC
After the discussion with Artem, I have investigated on one of the most
common false positives/undocumented error, related to the placement new
operator. Apart from this weird error, I would like to gather the debug
experience from Clang developer on the potential false positives that I can
take a look and work on.

Please find the following attached link for the report on placement new
operator as an example

I have also attached the link to my content part of the proposal, kind
comments are very welcomed!

Thank you for spending time on reading my questions and proposal, I am
looking forward to your kind reply.

Many thanks,
Edward Hui
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