[cfe-dev] Replacing the non-portable diff invocation coded as %diff_plist (and friends)

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Wed Apr 3 17:23:58 PDT 2019

On Wed, Apr 3, 2019 at 7:23 PM Artem Dergachev <noqnoqneo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Yup, sounds reasonable!
> Traditionally these tests were using FileCheck. The point of replacing
> FileCheck with diff was that FileCheck failure reports for incorrectly
> produced plist files on tests were very hard to understand, especially when
> it was happening on a remote buildbot. This was happening because plists
> are XML files and most bugs in them usually look like large (10-20) lines
> suddenly appearing or disappearing, with the most important information
> being in the innermost XML tag in the middle of the chunk. Because
> FileCheck reports only the first line that doesn't match, it made it very
> annoying to debug. Diffs, on the other hand, are outright perfect for the
> task.
Thanks. The information on why FileCheck is not used here is helpful to

-- HT

> An external normalization script doesn't anyhow contradict this purpose,
> and if i understand correctly it was in fact one of the possible solutions
> that was considered back in https://reviews.llvm.org/D50545#1195519
> On 4/2/19 1:07 PM, Hubert Tong via cfe-dev wrote:
> Various tests in `clang/test/Analysis/` invoke `diff` with a non-portable
> `-I` option. I do not believe that a requirement for a `diff` utility that
> supports such an extension is intended by the community. I believe that
> replacing `diff -I` with `diff` on files that have been normalized using
> `grep -v` is a reasonable solution. A minor detail is that the output being
> checked is produced without a newline at the end of the file. As part of
> the proposed solution, the file is rehabilitated as a text file (as
> required by `grep`) by adding such a newline. The same is done for the
> reference expected files that are missing a newline at the end of the file.
> The solution is sketched out below for feedback.
> The normalization is in many cases encoded in a lit substitution
> `%diff_plist`. A sample application of the proposed change would look like
> the following. See further below for additional rationale on the
> particulars.
> Replace the RUN line:
> -// RUN: cat %t.plist | %diff_plist %S/Inputs/expected-plists/unix-fns.c.plist
> -
> +// RUN: %normalize_plist <%S/Inputs/expected-plists/unix-fns.c.plist
> >%t.expected.sed.plist && echo >>%t.plist && %normalize_plist <%t.plist |
> diff -u %t.expected.sed.plist -
> Replace the lit substitution:
> -# Diff command used by Clang Analyzer tests (when comparing .plist files
> +# Filtering command used by Clang Analyzer tests (when comparing .plist
> files
>  # with reference output)
> -config.substitutions.append(('%diff_plist',
> -    'diff -u -w -I "<string>/" -I "<string>.:" -I "version"'))
> +config.substitutions.append(('%normalize_plist',
> +    "grep -Ev '%s|%s|%s'" %
> +        ('^[[:space:]]*<string>.* version .*</string>$',
> +         '^[[:space:]]*<string>/.*</string>$',
> +         '^[[:space:]]*<string>.:.*</string>$')))
> Why not use more `RUN` lines?
> The output being checked is line-number sensitive. Keeping the same number
> of `RUN` lines minimizes unnecessary noise and risk of errors.
> Why not use `sed`?
> `sed` can be used to normalize the lines that are expected to vary;
> however, the some of the expected-output files have these lines omitted.
> The `grep` replacement is more compatible with the behaviour of `diff -I`.
> The filtered files are nevertheless named with "sed" for the connotation
> that substitution took place.
> Why remove `-w` from `diff`?
> It appears that the `-w` option was being used for its effect (in some
> implementations) of ignoring the difference between a file that ends with a
> newline and one which does not. Following normalization of both files to
> end in a newline, this is no longer necessary. Since the effect is
> non-portable, keeping the option (and thus allowing the non-portable effect
> to occur, and perhaps become relied upon during development) is potentially
> harmful.
> Why not add the newline via `cat`?
> The newline can be added (in this context) using `echo | cat file -` as
> opposed to using `echo >>file`; however, the `lit` implementation of `cat`
> does not operate as expected on the standard input.
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