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Mon Apr 1 09:56:33 PDT 2019

Hi Jonas:

On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 11:48 AM Jonas Toth <development at jonas-toth.eu>

> Hi Don,
> there is a `-export-fixes` option that will serialize the diagnostics and
> fixits into yaml (machine readable, but same content).
> Otherwise you would need to capture the logs, e.g. using `tee` and piping
> in linux for interactive clang-tidy usage.

Yes, I'm referring to the file generated via the `-export-fixes` option.
Thanks for the suggestion, but I'd
like to be able to examine a random export file at some later point, in
particular, after the results of
run-clang-tidy.py has merged them.  My assumption is that there isn't such
a tool, but wanted to check
before writing one.


> Best Regards, Jonas
> Am 29.03.19 um 20:51 schrieb Don Hinton via cfe-dev:
> Is there a way to view a clang-tidy export file that will show the
> original warning+fixit as it appeared in the original clang-tidy output?
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