[cfe-dev] GN build roundtable summary; adding GN build files to the repo

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>> Hi,
>> first things first: If you're happy with cmake, you can stop reading now.
>> Nobody is proposing that LLVM moves off cmake, and nobody is proposing
>> anything that's causing people using cmake more work.
>> At the LLVM conference, I gave a lightning talk [1] about using GN [2] to
>> build LLVM and clang. cmake is great for many use cases, but in my opinion
>> local day-to-day development isn't one of them. So I wrote GN build files
>> for LLVM and clang, enough to make `ninja check-llvm check-clang check-lld`
>> build everything needed for these three test suites and that all tests
>> pass. This works on Linux, Mac, Win hosts targeting X86, ARM, AArch64. You
>> can see them at [3].
> I'm in favor of including the gn build files.
> Aside: build of gn itself failed for me on Ubuntu 14, link errors related
> to unsupported relocations, AFAICT this is just an incompatibility between
> the Debian filesystem downloaded and Ubuntu 14.  Could you provide a
> release tarball of gn for a couple of key platforms?

We provide prebuilts for GN now, see
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