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IIRC, Clang CodeGen will do some branch-to-branch elimination, for blocks that are empty/missing at the source level.  Then you have language-mandated things like RVO?  But yeah, the front-end generally doesn't want to do optimizations.

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Very few, if any, optimizations are done by Clang - where possible Clang augments the LLVM IR with extra information to enable LLVM to perform the optimizations.

Clang's IR generation does vary depending on optimization level - but usually on in this sort of attribute-application context. (eg: applying the 'inlinehint' attribute above -O0, applying the 'optnone' attribute at -O0, etc).

Maybe some of the memcpy optimization (turning struct copying into memcpies) is done in the frontend - because it knows it can copy around the padding bytes if that's more convenient.

Even very C++-y things like devirtualization are still, ideally, implemented in LLVM - trying to provide as general a tool as possible for frontends to express these kinds of constraints to the LLVM optimization pipeline.

- Dave

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I am trying to find in Clang sources which kind of optimizations do
directly Clang, not LLVM. What I want to do - I have some ideas for
optimization which can be done only for C++ code. And as I understand
Clang is the right place for doing this but I cannot find any example.

Can you help me a little bit and provide any existent example in Clang

Thank you.

Best regards,
Alexander Zaitsev

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