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> On 5 Oct 2018, at 07:04, Dean Michael Berris <dean.berris at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> Thank you for starting this conversation! I look forward to the results of
> the BoF discussion summarised as well.
> Dean, all,
> There was a lively discussion at the BoF; we’ve tried to take notes at
> https://etherpad.net/p/LLVMBugLifeCycleBoF but probably have failed to
> capture all the points. The slides used to kick start the discussion can be
> found at
> https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ERB9IQAjSwaNpEnlbchQzd_V9IQlLOojgo9J0_NXvYA/edit
> Both at the BoF and in the mail thread, there have been many suggestions
> for improvements. So many that if we’d want to introduce all of them at
> once, we’d probably get stuck and not introduce any. To try and make
> progress on the ones I myself feel are most useful, I’ve volunteered for 2
> actions:
> 1. Write up a proposal for documentation on what to do during bug
> triaging/closing/etc. I’ve just done so and put it up for review at
> https://reviews.llvm.org/D53691.
> 2. Write an email to the mailing lists to ask for volunteers for being on
> the “default-cc” list for components, implying you’re willing to triage
> bugs reported against those components. I’ve decided to first try and get
> consensus on what is expected when triaging a bug (see point above) before
> actively searching for volunteers for all components. That being said, both
> at the dev meeting and in the days after, I already received many requests
> from people to be added to the default-cc list for specific components. Of
> course, I’m very happy to add people volunteering to default-cc lists, so
> if you don’t want to wait to get added to a default-cc list, please email
> bugs-admin at lists.llvm.org or raise it as a ticket in bugs.llvm.org under
> “Bugzilla Admin”/“Products”.
> Furthermore, since the BoF, I’ve seen a quite a few requests to clean up
> and introduce new components in Bugzilla. We’ve implemented the changes
> quickly and will aim to continue to have a quick response time in the
> future. Please file a ticket in bugs.llvm.org under “Bugzilla
> Admin”/“Products” if you want to request a specific change.
> For most of the other points that were raised: I don’t currently plan on
> acting on them immediately myself and hope to first see an impact of the
> above actions.

In the original post, there was a suggestion to bring back the
"UNCONFIRMED" status. I think that'd be a great idea, as it both makes it
easy to search for untriaged bugs and to give feedback to a reporter that
their bug is real and acknowledged. Is that planned?

Also, a big problem with bugzilla as we have it configured today is that
commenting on an existing bug often sends mail to literally no-one. Can we
reconfigure this so that llvmbugs gets mail for comments on bugs, not just
for opening and closing bugs?
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