[cfe-dev] how to get array size from an array decl ?

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On 10/19/2018 2:04 AM, illiop via cfe-dev wrote:
> Hello,
> if the program is :
> void foo()
> {
>    int a[3] = {0,1,2};
> }
> If I get the ast nodes by the ast matcher: varDecl(hasType(arrayType()))
> I will get  int a[3] matched, the matched node is a VarDecl type.
> How can I get the array size (in this example is 3) from the VarDecl 
> node ?

getType() on the VarDecl returns a QualType.  Call 
ASTContext::getAsConstantArrayType to convert that to a 
ConstantArrayType*.  Call ConstantArrayType::getSize() to return the size.

If you need access to the original Expr*, as opposed to the computed 
size, you might need to dig through the TypeSourceInfo instead.


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