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> On the LLVM IR side, I'm personally unconvinced that we should model
> matrices in the IR directly as a new first-class type, unless there's some
> target out there that has matrix operations in hardware / matrix registers,
> but IR is not really my area of expertise so give that opinion as much or
> little weight as you see fit. However, I do wonder: how is this different
> from, say, complex numbers, for which we don't have a native IR
> representation? (Maybe the answer is that we should have native IR support
> for complex numbers too.) How would you expect the frontend to lower (eg)
> matrix multiplication for matrices of complex numbers?

I had mentioned it earlier: I believe RISC-V's V extension is planning on
supporting matrices in hardware (maybe as an extension on top of V), so
that satisfies there being a target with support for matrix registers.
Additionally, SPIR-V has matrices as a first-class type, and I believe that
there is support for targeting SPIR-V either in-progress or planned.


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