[cfe-dev] Should we stop supporting building with Visual Studio?

Greg Bedwell via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Oct 9 04:07:11 PDT 2018

> Sadly that's part of the problem.  Very few people actually use the Visual
> Studio generator for building, so a lot of times when we get people with
> issues, nobody knows how to help (or the person that does know doesn't see
> the thread).  So they get a response like "hmm, not many people actually
> use that workflow, can you try this instead?"

I do wonder how many of these issues could be alleviated if we had a bot
doing builds with the VS generator.  It would, at least, shift the onus
onto person who broke the workflow to figure it out rather than the next
person to come along and try it.

>> If there were errors, eyeball-grep the console output and manually
>> navigate to the affected file/line. No thanks.
> I don’t find this to be a problem in practice.  You have to eyeball grep
> the output anyway to figure out which  line to double click in the build
> output window.  Usually it’s a file you have open in which case you don’t
> have to manually navigate to it.  If it’s not then yes you have to manually
> open the file, but you don’t have to manually navigate to the line.  You
> can hit Ctrl+F7 to compile just that file in VS and then double click.
> Since the ninja build is faster anyway though, the whole process doesn’t
> actually end up taking that much more time.  Note that if you were to add a
> custom tool command to do your build for you and output to the VS console
> window, you could still double click lines there and it would be exactly
> the same as if you built from inside VS

As long as errors are in MSVC format, the Error List window (which I
imagine a lot of people use extensively) saves having to actually directly
look at build output most of the time.  I've yet to try to the proposed
workflow to see how much of an issue it really is for me in practice

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