[cfe-dev] Should we stop supporting building with Visual Studio?

Stephen Kelly via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Oct 8 11:54:23 PDT 2018

On 07/10/18 21:49, Zachary Turner via cfe-dev wrote:
> 1) Using MSBuild is slower than Ninja.

I use Incredibuild in work. I'm not sure if it supports Ninja, or if 
that requires a different license etc. It's certainly faster with 
MSBuild than using Ninja locally only.

> 2) Unless you remember to pass -Thost=x64 on the command line, you won't 
> be able to successfully build.  We can (and have) updated the 
> documentation to indicate this, but it's not intuitive and still bites 
> people because for some reason this is not the default.

This has only just been added to the documentation. Should we give that 
a chance?

This is a detail that users may have to get right, yes. What details 
have to be done right (and not forgotten) in your proposal? Does it just 
substitute one "detail to remember" for another?

> 3) Even if you do pass -Thost=x64 to CMake, it will apparently still 
> fail sometimes.  See this thread for details: 
> http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/cfe-dev/2018-October/059609.html.  It 
> seems the parallel build scheduler does not do a good job and can bring 
> a machine down.  This is not the first time though, every couple of 
> months there's a thread about how building or running tests from within 
> VS doesn't work.

I don't know any more about this. It would be good to know more than 
that it can "apparently fail sometimes".



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