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> I am just trying to improve CMake a bit to better explain directives
> for codes that use and depend on modules, instead of using nasty
> shadow targets and hacks. We also need to improve CMake so it knows
> dependencies: I ran into the issue that once I build the module PCM
> there is no check (neither from CMake's, nor Clang's side) whether the
> source file for that module was changed. Sometimes it keeps the PCM
> implementation ignoring the original one, sometimes just runs Clang
> into a nasty stack trace.

I'm super interested in CMake support for modules (both Clang's back-compat
modules (with modulemaps) and C++ standard modules) - I'll be talking at
the developer meeting about some of the issues around Modules TS build
system impact (following on from the talk I gave last year on modular code
generation) & honestly would love to have a CMake prototype/demo (for clang
back-compat modules and/or modules TS modules), with the intent to get
something usable for self-hosting one form of explicit modules or another
(modular code generation, etc) with the LLVM build, but not sure I really
have the CMake skills to pull that off in time.

- Dave

> ; Whisperity.
> Matt Asplund (mwasplund) via cfe-dev <cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org> ezt írta
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> >
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am curious if there is any active work being done on the Modules TS
> implementation. I would like to help fill in the gaps that I am finding
> while playing around with it and wanted to make sure I wasn’t duplicating
> work.
> >
> > -Matt
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