[cfe-dev] End location of OpenMP Clauses

Cramer, Tim via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jul 5 07:53:28 PDT 2018

Hello everybody,

I have question regarding the source location of an OpenMP clause. Given the following code:

int main() {
  int n = 42;
  int m = 23;
  float f = 42.23;

  #pragma omp target parallel map(n) num_threads(2) if(1) shared(n,m) private(f)  default(shared) proc_bind(spread)
    f = n / m;

  return 0;

I get the following AST (snippet):

    |-OMPTargetParallelDirective 0x77aaf0 <line:6:11, col:116>
    | |-OMPMapClause 0x7643a0 <col:31, col:38>
    | | `-DeclRefExpr 0x764378 <col:35> 'int' lvalue Var 0x764168 'n' 'int'
    | |-OMPNum_threadsClause 0x764420 <col:38, col:51>
    | | `-IntegerLiteral 0x764400 <col:50> 'int' 2
    | |-OMPIfClause 0x764468 <col:53, col:57>
    | | `-IntegerLiteral 0x764448 <col:56> 'int' 1
    | |-OMPSharedClause 0x7644f0 <col:59, col:71>
    | | |-DeclRefExpr 0x7644a0 <col:66> 'int' lvalue Var 0x764168 'n' 'int'
    | | `-DeclRefExpr 0x7644c8 <col:68> 'int' lvalue Var 0x764218 'm' 'int'
    | |-OMPPrivateClause 0x7645e0 <col:71, col:83>
    | | `-DeclRefExpr 0x764518 <col:79> 'float' lvalue Var 0x7642c8 'f' 'float'
    | |-OMPDefaultClause 0x764608 <col:83, col:99>
    | |-OMPProc_bindClause 0x764620 <col:99, col:116>

As you can see, the end of the clauses 'map', 'num_threads', 'shared', 'private' point just before the start of the next token (clause). In contrast, the end of the clauses 'if', 'default' and 'proc_bind' points just before the right paren. The problem is that "clang::OMPClause::getLocEnd()" returns different locations, depending on the clause kind. I guess this does not look like intended. 

My question is: Where should "clang::OMPClause::getLocEnd()" point to? After or before the left paren?

A quick look into "lib/Parse/ParseOpenMP.cpp" shows that in one case "Tok.getLocation()" is used and in the other cases "T.getCloseLocation()". What is correct?

Best regards,

Tim Cramer

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