[cfe-dev] Why Clang is yielding different LLVM IR return type for the same function

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Mon Jul 2 20:48:01 PDT 2018

So I have a library function called fooo() in a source file B.c and an external A.c file that is referencing a function fooo() in it.
foo is returning a pointer to a structure

%struct._bar= type { %struct._foo, i32, i32 (%struct.doo*, %struct.doo*, %struct.doo*)* }
declare i8* @fooo() #2

%struct._bar= type { %struct._foo, i32, i32 (%struct.doo*, %struct.doo*, %struct.doo*)* }
define noalias %struct._bar* @fooo() #2{

I am implementing a transform pass that operates on the merged version of A.ll and B.ll , since they have different implementations llvm-link is inserting extra bitcasts and thus various passes failed to operate, for example the Inliner pass.
Is there anything else I could do to achieve what I need? Cheers
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