[cfe-dev] Bug? CXXCtorInitializer::getInit()

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Fri Dec 21 02:46:18 PST 2018


I am using *CXXCtorInitializer*'s method *getInit()* to retrieve its *Init*
The *CXXCtorInitializer::Init* field is described as followed:

*"The argument used to initialize the base or member, which may end up
> constructing an object (when multiple arguments are involved)."*

In my usecase I actually want to retrieve the underlying source text, that
is represented by *Init.*

This works fine for simple Initializers using declRefExpr or
Retrieving the source's text for the *Init* expr returns *i *and *10* for
the following CXXCtorInitializer:

*SomeConstructor(int i):m_foo(i), m_bar(10){}*

I haven't figured out what exactly is the problem, but as far as I can tell
the *Init* pointer appears faulty in some cases when there is a


> *struct T {};*
> *struct Foo{**    Foo(T t): t0(new T()),  t1({}),   t2(t){}*
> *    T * t0;*
> *    T t1;*
> *    T t2;**};*

Retrieving the *Init* and it's underlying source text returns:
for t0: "*new T()*"    <----- as expected :)
for t1: "*t1({})*"        <----- expected: "*{}*"
for t2: "*t2(t)*"          <---- expected: "*t*"

Since the Docu states, the *Init* gives the* "**argument used to initialize
the [...] member"* I think this might be a bug? Maybe I don't retrieve the
source code correctly, but in any other case it appears to work just fine.
I use the Lexer to get to the* Init*'s source like this, where expr is

> ctxt.getSourceManager(), ctxt.getLangOpts());*

So is this expected behavior? If so why? And how can I get to the actual
'Initializer' in those cases?

Any help appreciated!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Julian Müller
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