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> Hello everyone,
> currently I'm checking if some functions are inlined with clang or not. Because of that I have a lot of unused variables storing return values - but clang optimizes them away including the function. Even "volatile" didn't stopped Clang from doing so. So I tried using the GCC attribute "used". But clang just responses:
> 1>main.cpp(9,23): warning : 'used' attribute ignored [-Wignored-attributes]
> 1>          void* __attribute__((used)) adr = _ReturnAddress();
> Why is clang doing this? And how can I prevent him easily from optimizing my values without referencing them?

It's hard to say for certain without a bit more information, but my
guess is that your variable does not have static storage duration. For
instance, the used attribute does not apply to local variables unless
they're also declared static.



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