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Thank you Erik, I think, the new demangler might meet all the requirement I needed. I will try with it. BTW, does your code will sync with the cxa_demangler.cpp in the llvm runtime ? I notice that, the demangler in the llvm and llvm runtime look like the same for mostly,
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    No plans as of yet! I never planned to export the AST in this
      way, doing so would probably require some surgery (ie, make all
      the identifiers it uses reserved). I very recently landed r329951,
      which provides a simple opaque API to the AST for the copy of the
      demangler in llvm. Maybe this is enough for your use case? What
      kind of analysis are you planning on performing?



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      file "llvm.stl/libcxxabi/src/cxa_demangler.cpp" implement the
      interface "__cxa_demangle()" defined in the C++ABI. It decoded the
      mangled string into the demangled one, that is, "string -->
      string".  Inside it, it is implemented by "string --> AST
      --> string". However, someone might need the internal AST
      instead of the demangled string to do the further analysis for the
      mangled string. Do we have any plan not to hide the AST inside the
      cxa_demangler.cpp, but public it into the cxa_demangle.h ? Thank



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