[cfe-dev] what libc++ version introduced C++14 delete operators?

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> Hi,
> I hope this is the right place to ask:
> What libc++ release version first had the C++14 new & delete operators
> (specifically, delete(void*, size_t))? I think they were introduced in svn
> rev. 229281 .
> I'm interested in particular how one can test for presence of these
> functions, preferably with an actual linking step (aka autoconf test).
> Rev 229281 was before we started updating _LIBCPP_VERSION to match the
An imperfect test would be checking _LIBCPP_VERSION and if it is greater
than 1101, then it will have those calls.

This has two drawbacks:
* There will be versions of libc++ where _LIBCPP_VERSION == 1101 and the
calls exist.
* There *may* be customized versions of libc++ where vendors have decided
to not ship those calls. (I don't know of any, but ...).

-- Marshall
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