[cfe-dev] Possibility to expose Deltas from the clang::RewriteBuffer?

Won Tae Joo via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Nov 24 06:17:10 PST 2017


I am using clang libtooling to do a source to source transformation for C++.

I find the rewriting functionality quite useful, but I would also like
implement (in my tools) to report the points of the transformed source code
(e.g. The statement i++; in (5:1-5); has been transformed into i = i +
1;(5:1-10) . I believe this can happen via clang::Rewriter::Deltas(which
the type is clang::DeltaTree), but unfortunately this member is private.
Would there be any possibility to expose this member via 'const Deltatree
&' or would there be other options to be doing the things that I want?
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