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> The idea is to find all uses of putenv and replace them w/ setenv. This
> requires analyzing the argument to discover constant parts in it (setenv
> require a separate variable name). It also require to check that the
> argument is not modified (or such modifications need also to be replaces w/
> setenvs).

In addition to what's already been mentioned, I would recommend
implementing your check in stages:

1. Constant string arguments



    setenv("FOO", "bar", 1);

2. Constant environment variable names

    char buff[256];
    sprintf(buff, "FOO=%d", value);


    char buff[256];
    sprintf(buff, "%d", value);
    setenv("FOO", buff, 1);

3. Varying environment variable names

    .... you get the idea :)

Basically start with the simplest case and get that working and then
enhance for subsequent cases.  You can even submit incremental work
for review and incorporation into clang-tidy this way.  It is better
to have a working check that handles simple cases and does no harm on
complex cases than to wait for a check that covers 100% of everything.
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