[cfe-dev] Unions in the Clang Static Analyzer

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I'm not aware of any unfinished work on union support. I'd gladly give a 
few hints.

RegionStore itself already operates in a union-friendly manner: even 
though it presents itself as a MemRegion->SVal map, internally it only 
stores base regions and byte offsets as keys, regardless of how the 
bytes stored are interpreted.

However, i suspect bigger problems with actually representing symbolic 
values for fields that are interpreted in multiple ways during the 
analysis. First of all, reinterpret-casts of basic types are in general 
modeled poorly. For example, cast from pointer to integer is represented 
as a special LocAsInteger SVal sub-class, support for which in 
SValBuilder is worse than for symbols; at the same time cast from 
integer to pointer is not represented at all, as i mentioned recently in 
http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/cfe-dev/2017-February/052769.html .

Then, unions are even more fun because they challenge the concept of 
SymbolRegionValue, which is a very basic thing. Consider an example:

   union U { intptr_t x; void *p; }

   void foo(union U u) {
     intptr_t X = u.x; // reg_$0<u.x>
     void *P = u.p; // &SymRegion{reg_$1<u.p>}
     if (X == P) { ... }

The symbolic values for X and P look completely different, the worst 
thing here probably being that X is NonLoc while P is Loc. Yet, they 
represent the same thing. How would we unify these values? If you come 
up with a single symbol to represent them, what would be the type of 
that symbol? Or would you prefer to constrain these symbols to be equal, 
and rely on the constraint solver to figure things out?

So making a proper union support is going to be a fun research project. 
Smaller incremental improvements that fix particular cases you encounter 
are also very much welcome. There's not necessarily much thought behind 
the safety-first bail-outs, so if you are seeing significant 
improvements by removing them, we could consider lifting them; it may 
also turn out that they're necessary, and an experienced eye may 
sometimes understand why, but as long as there is no comprehensive 
explanation in comments and no testcase coverage, i'd rather encourage 
you to remove them and see what happens; especially considering that 
you've got access to a good codebase to test these changes upon.

02/03/2017 1:53 AM, Keno Fischer via cfe-dev wrote:
> I was having some trouble with using the static analyzer on code that 
> involves unions. Looking through the code, it seems like this is a 
> known problem and unions aren't particularly well supported. 
> Personally, I was able to make some progress by just ripping out all 
> the checks for union types, particularly in RegionStore. However, 
> that's obviously a hacky solution, so to ensure that my check will 
> keep working, I'd like to improve upstream support for unions if 
> possible. Has anybody thought about this problem before/is there 
> already a design for this? Alternatively, have people collected test 
> cases that would benefit from improving union support? I'm sure I'm 
> not the first person to hit this issue, so I'd appreciate any pointers 
> to prior work.
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