[cfe-dev] Analyzer - CXXDestructorCall functioning

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Tue Aug 30 02:06:24 PDT 2016


I was implementing a SA checker when I ran into the next (problem?) :
Whenever I write a callback PostCall/PreCall with the next body:

if (dyn_cast<CXXDestructorCall>(&Call))
    llvm::errs() << "DtorCall\n";

  if (dyn_cast<CXXDestructorDecl>(Call.getDecl()))
    llvm::errs() << "DtorDecl\n";


Then I could not find a case where the cast to CXXDestructorCall is
Running this simple "checker" on the *below example emitted no output* to

class A {
int main()
A a;
 A b;

However if change the inner block this way:
 A b;
then "DtorDecl" is displayed which makes sense.

The detailed description of the CXXDestructorCall says:

> Represents an implicit call to a C++ destructor.
> This *can* occur at the end of a scope (for automatic objects), at the
> end of a full-expression (for temporaries), or as part of a delete.
My question is: Does "can" mean in this context that the callback is quite
unreliable even in trivial cases or is it a bug and the destructor call
should trigger?


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